The cars of Devon the Electric Racer

Cougar Type-5

Balanced speed, handling, and style. This small two door, two seater sports electric can pack an exciting punch.

Honota Voltac

This remarkably affordable Japanese EV displays an impressive mix of performance and comfort.

Edison Cryptocar

From the best-selling range of vehicles, the Cryptocar is a rugged tourer with impressive range.

Greenock Handsworth

Breathtaking acceleration and head turning design. Enjoy every trip in this British track car.

Edison Model Ti

This All-American luxury electric grand tourer has glorious performance and incredible range.

TDM Spark Spyder

European engineering excellence; The Spark combines elegance, comfort, and technology.

Cougar Type-5 Sport

Truly an uncaged beast. Outstanding performance. Tuned by Cougar's SEVD (Special Electric Vehicle Division).

Edison Commander

This limited edition electric supercar boasts an amazing power to range ratio. The Commander's exquisite handling comes courtesy of its next-gen all-wheel drive system with on-demand power distribution. As expected, the custom tuned battery array provid


Sensational power, handling, and range. The TRZ is a thrilling cutting-edge electric supercar.

Honota Saikou

Honota's dizzying supercar has unique aerodynamics, stunning performance, and impressive tech.

Fergatti Markoni

With an unnecessary top speed, the Markoni is the ultimate electric supercar.