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Edison Cryptocar

From the best-selling range of vehicles, the Cryptocar is a rugged tourer with impressive range.

This armor plated all terrain vehicle has the strength and durability to withstand even the harshest of tasks in any environment. With all wheel drive and an impressively powerful drivetrain the Cryptocar provides a truly electrifying drive, regardless of its weight.

The distinctive ultra-strong bodywork is made from a single piece of hardened bulletproof superalloy and houses its hugely powerful inert gas cooled battery array.

Power can be sent to each wheel independently - on demand - providing extraordinary handling and traction control. Its motors create a massive amount of torque, and with intelligent auto adjusting air suspension gives a smooth yet exhilarating drive.

Although it's superb to drive, when you need a break the space age interior is a luxurious cabin to sit and relax in while engaging the best in class self driving system.