Game update history

Version 0.0.94

01 February 2021

The leaderboard update!

  • Leaderboard: In-game leaderboard interface.
  • Awards: Leaderboard awards can now be achieved.
  • Scoring: Score penalty for failing game when score is low has been reduced.
  • Fixes: Car control slightly better after big jumps.
  • Fixes: Fixed a rare issue that can crash the game after timing out in certain circumstances.
  • Improvements: Updated how data is saved on local device.
  • Improvements: Time accuracy now logged in milliseconds.

Version 0.0.93

15 December 2020

Big changes and balancing! The game is now almost complete with the addition of the progress and countdown timer. All launch cars are now in the game.

  • Cars: New car: Edison Commander.
  • Cars: Spark, TRZ, and Saikou visual face-lift.
  • Cars: Various cars' health, battery, speed, and handling balanced.
  • Cars: Car "difficulty" added; Additional score bonus based on difficulty.
  • Checkpoint system: New retro style timer and checkpoints system.
  • Progress system: Progress bar added - view how far into the race you are.
  • SFX: Some new and improved sound effects.
  • Awards: Two new awards for car difficulty wins.
  • UI: Brake pedal adjusted to help avoid accidently touching it when holdinng device.
  • UI: Various improvements to text/fonts.
  • Updated finish podium screen.
  • Bug fix: Random car colour not saving correctly fixed.

Version 0.0.92

13 October 2020

C-c-combo breaker! New combo score system. Lots of fixes and additions. New car.

  • Cars: New car - Edison Model Ti.
  • Cars: Fergatti Markoni given bodywork facelift.
  • Scoring: New combo system added.
  • Effects: Crash visual effects updated, with visual feedbacks.
  • Awards: New awards for combos and overall score.
  • Awards: Award list now shows the money reward for each award.
  • Awards: Some harder awards now reward more money.
  • Map: New visual updates to some parts of map including new buildings and shops - fuel garage & donuts!
  • Map: New plants and greenery.
  • Map: Start area slightly updated.
  • Map: Finish line backdrop updated - city backdrop.
  • Fixes: Fixed issue with airtime score being awarded during crashes.
  • Fixes: Updated telephone/utility pole collisions to behave like other obstacles.
  • Fixes: Minor UI scaling issue fixed for wider devices (e.g. 19.5:9 ratio screens).
  • Fixes: Slight performance improvement for explosions.
  • Fixes: Cash texture updated.
  • Fixes: Car stability in the air greatly improved.
  • Fixes: Fixed issue where tunnel entrance could lead to boundary break.
  • Fixes: Desert jump ramp is now much smoother, and therefore easier to control car when driving up it.
  • Fixes: Fixed navigation issue where sometimes not possible to open Garage from some menu screens.

Version 0.0.91

11 September 2020

Improvements to the game, including balancing scores and car performance.

  • Balancing: Failure condition scoring and display.
  • Balancing: 100k points loss on failure reduced to 10k.
  • Balancing: Cougar Type-5 Sport Hitpoints reduced by 15%.
  • System: Scoreboard data update.
  • Fixes: Fixed issue that could cause graphical glitches on some devices.
  • Fixes: Fixed issue where car's "garage spin" could get stuck.
  • Fixes: Fixed logo resolution issue on loading screen on some devices.

Version 0.0.9

04 September 2020

What's your name? You can now enter your initials and all races are entered into the scoreboards.

  • Map: New visual updates and additions to some parts of map & new plants and trees.
  • Scoreboard: Name (initials) entry added.
  • Interface: Minor game HUD UI update.
  • Fixes: Fixed minor resolution issue for very low resolution devices.
  • Fixes: Fixed minor resolution issue for very wide resolution devices.

Version 0.0.8

28 Aug 2020

New cars, new colors. Scoring and Map updates.

  • Cars: New car - TDM Spark.
  • Cars: New car - TDM TRZ.
  • Cars: Much more control over vehicle colors.
  • Balancing: Energy pick up score increased. Certain driving techniques scores increased.
  • Balancing: Score of nutmegs increased when one or more of traffic vehicles is "heavy".
  • Several minor tweaks to core systems.
  • Map: New visual updates and additions to some parts of map.
  • Interface: Minor game UI update.
  • Fixes: Fixed a bug where very occasionally the red wrong-way wall was visible when it shouldn't have been.

Version 0.0.7

11 Aug 2020

Devon is here! Public early version of the game is live today worldwide on iOS and Android. Available with most core features available, and lots more to come in the next few weeks. Hope you have fun!

  • Launch - welcome to Devon the Electric Racer.