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Battery range

Fergatti Markoni

With an unnecessary top speed, the Markoni is the ultimate electric supercar.

Packed with Formula-E tech, including cutting edge nanographene brakes, a superalloy chassis, and an adaptive all wheel drive.

The Fergatti uses a cutting-edge eight motor fall-over system. Its four primary motors each power their own wheel independently - providing incredible all wheel drive.
The drivetrain power correction systems provide automatic stability corrections via the four additional auxillary motors which can each individually apply additional power and torque where required (or even a negatative braking force if needed) - powering you through bends while maintaining full-throttle.

To conserve power, the auxillary motors are only used for stability until you reach speeds in excess of 300km/h - where they kick in to provide additional power to keep you accelerating towards its hair-raising top speed.

Its distinctive huge rear wing isn't just for show - it works with the intelligent internal air flow systems to improve aerodynamics and handling - keeping you firmly on the road even when at ridiculously impractical speeds.

The liquid nitrogen cooled battery array outputs an incredible amount of power, which the eight motors love to eat up at full throttle.

Going this fast has never looked this cool.